Thursday, January 3, 2008

One Light Coming To Denver

I am so thrilled to finally get to announce that One Light will be coming to Boulder, CO!
Click here to see if you can come meet us here, or find one in your neck of the woods.

Zack Arias is amazing and I cannot express how excited I am to host him here...starbucks and all.

*more about starbucks later.

We also have NYE updates - We went to Hot Buttered Rum ( a new fave with totally cute guys in the band...oh I was drooling) and I got some great pics! I just have to upload them. More soon.


Andrew said...

Stacy thank you so much for putting this together and getting Zack to come out. I really hope to attend. I'll see you in a few weeks.

Beaton Photography said...

YIPPEE! I signed up and I'm in Stacey! Thanks so much for hosting it! But with young kids, I'm not sure I can stay up until midnight anymore! But I'll try! And I'm ready for the starbucks story! That will help me stay up till midnight!