Monday, January 14, 2008

Tea Leaf Green at the Fox in Boulder, CO

Saturday B and I went to see Tea Leaf Green. HOLY COW these guys ROCKED my face off! Freaking loved them. I have not seen them in 6 years and they just got this new bassist about 3 months ago. He was SO FREAKING KICK A$$! You could tell he was having just the most fun. So without further ado here is one picture from the night. More to come we just have all been sick here for about 2 weeks now...totally blows.

I pulled this one straight out of the camera. I just ran a noise reduction on it and then made it a jpg - Honestly I don't think I even needed the noise, but alas it is just one of the standards I do on all the concerts. Debating if I should change that piece of workflow and make some more artsy ones. Time time...did father clock get my order of needing 12 more hours in a day? I love the emmotion and interaction here along with the light hitting Josh's face. I chimped this one and just gave myself a high five. I LOVE this pic!Photobucket

I also have some cool pics with a TON of smoke as well. Usually I hate smoke but I liked it in the ones I will show. Makes for a bitch to focus but...well I'll just show ya ;)

Jenna and Tea Leaf - I will be emailing you some soon along with my MySpace link to see all the pics.

Also if anyone wants to friend me in MySpace I am stacyZphotography - Come say hello! I just made an account a few weeks ago to put the concert photos so working on that as well!


Anonymous said...

Sweet pic! TLG loves playing Boulder brah!

Teledude said...

Hey Stacy, did you have to get permission to shoot at the Fox? That would've been a sweet show..been sick here in N.Boulder for awhile as well.