Monday, December 17, 2007


Christmas is here and it is crazy as ever. My MIL has been staying with us since Thanksgiving and she has been an amazing help. I don't know how we would of gotten through this busy season without her. Now if the woman would just let me take her picture!

And because she is here....I GET TO GO OUT ON A DATE WITH MY HUBBY! YAY!!!

Yup tonight B & I are going to see moe. at the Boulder Theatre. I just called over and found out I can take pics YAY again!

After I hung up the phone I ate a Fortune cookie with the following:

Today will be Pleasant, your life will be prosperous

I did not know if I would be allowed to because they are taping for a radio show, but I get toYAY!!!!!!!!Now here is a time when I wish I had that 24 1.4 ahhhhh big sigh oh well. I know I get her soon hunny says soon...Sassy says WHEN!?!?!

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