Wednesday, September 12, 2007

TAG! I'm It!

This tag game has been going through the blog world like wildfire and I have finally been tagged by Julie.

  1. I am allergic to peanuts, and all nuts really. Yes I am the reason you no longer have nuts on planes. On the way to Europe after college they put ground up nuts in my meal, no they did not read the notes I suppose, and I had a severe reaction. They almost medivac-ed me off the plane, but luckily there were two doctors on the plane helping me out. Yup, "excuse me is there a doctor on the plane" was announced over the intercom for me. Worst part of the whole ordeal, the entire way through customs the other passengers were asking me if it was my first time flying and was nervous.
  2. I have danced on stage with Prince. With heels he was a bit taller than me...not much. No I am not a good dancer. I am sure I looked like a fool. BUT I DO NOT CARE - UMMM HELLO I was ON STAGE with Prince. Yes it is a highlight after my wedding and birth of our son.
  3. I almost died because of a cat when I was 5. I did not know why I could not play with the kitty so I brought it to bed with me. When my parents found me I was purple. Good thing they were always paranoid checker parents every night. Oh yeah I am allergic to everything if this and #1 did not clue you into that.
  4. Although my parents never owned a boat, I have waterskied since the age of 6 and slalom since 7. B and I have a boat now but we have not been on it in almost 2 is such a pity, but we cannot wait to use the boat again. We still argue over who is the better skier oh hell yeah it is me.
  5. I have broken two bones. Both in the lamest ways. My arm when I was 10 walking home from school and my s2 vertebrate I was 23. I was snowboarding with a new boy and he pushed his board on my board when he was trying to prepare for getting off the ski lift and he flipped me off. I had to carry around a butt pillow for 8 weeks while it heeled it was mortifying...I made him carry it around whenever we were together.
  6. I love coffee, but really only care for brewed coffee if it is created with a french press. If I have to go to a place where they make coffee I always try to get a latte because is not quite a french press, but it is not drip. Drip is a last resort...I know such a snob who knew.
  7. I did stand up comedy in San Francisco in a class with my Uncle Mike. For the first 2/3 of class everyone thought that he was not really my "uncle" but just what I called him my older lover. AS IF! He is my mom's brother. We had to convince everyone. It was weird...but hell we were all in COMEDY CLASS HELLO! Warped minds there.
  8. When I was a kid my mom took my shopping too much. At one point someone could name a store in any mall in Southern Cal and I would be able to tell them what wing it was in and what stores were next to it. Yes I do find that very sad...
Well I am the last person to receive this I am sure. I am tagging Nachaele & Well really anyone who would like to be tagged. Nachaele I am counting on you to pass this on through the knitland.

peace & joy


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