Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A long way back home.

Can you ever go back? Sometimes I think you can, but then there are other days that I don’t think going back is possible. Yes you can go for a day or two and see the friends you left behind, but when you make a move it’s done. At least that is how it has always been for me. How I seem to move on from old loves and from my old homes I have learned this weekend that I really never do look back. I always look for new beginnings. This week the family and I went back to Northern Cal, Sac, to attend a friends wedding in South Lake Tahoe. I come with R early alone…yes I am brave I traveled with a two year old A-LONE but honestly he was a champ and did well. Over the trip there have been many lessons learned and things I became thankful for.

Thankful for:
- Direct TV on the airplane
- Nice strangers assisting the overwhelmed woman who had a roller bag, computer backpack, car seat and messenger bag – oh and carrying a two-year-old all at the same time.
- The one year old that played with R for almost the entire time I had to wait in line for the keys to our vehicle.
- The helper at the car rental who took my bags when R sat down in the crosswalk and announced “ALL DONE!”

What let Robert up this announcement…2.5 hours to register lost luggage (his car seat no less) and get the rental car after arriving in Sacramento.

Yes Frontier LOST our car seat. It took a day, but it was returned to our hotel room. Thank goodness.

There were 16 people in line at the rental car, and it took almost 45 minutes to get thru that line.

When we arrived in Sacramento I was amazed how different the sky looked compared to our new hometown of Boulder, CO. Turns out there were a few fires here and the sky was not blue, but brown, yes, brown was the color of the sky.

The first thing I did was called my old friend and ex-co-worker April. I was staying close to my old job so I decided to stop by and see a couple of friends. April went to get our friend Barb to surprise her. When I pulled into the parking lot I saw Barb jump up and scream. It pleased me so much. Friends like her and April make a girl feel good. They are different and balance each other out so well. You see Barb is just the nicest person, down to earth nice. April is real. She tells you exactly how she sees it and will always be honest with you. So although I don’t always like what April will say I know she says it with a heart of gold and I take every word to heart. Both these ladies rock, and they are two of the reasons I do miss working and miss Sacramento.

As we drive up old Highway 50 with B at the whell and R sleeping in the back seat, I remember a few things I do NOT miss: one is this stop and go traffic I do have to say that I love knowing within a 20 minute window how long it will take me to get somewhere. I love the comfort of my new home. I love the white clouds in the morning the black clouds rolling in at 3 pm that bring just a little kiss of rain to the cheek as if it is an afternoon hug from God above. I remember the book The Stand where all the good people went to Boulder, and I got to say I cant’ wait until April and Barb come here.

Thanks for dinner and lunch girls I had a great time and miss you two so much.

Next we will have some pictures from the wedding, and gorgeous Lake Tahoe. I am hoping they have kept Tahoe blue.

Peace and Joy


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