Monday, September 3, 2007

Jackie Greene - First Concert Pics

Well this was not my first concert, but this was my first time taking ol' Sassy with me. I have seen Jackie maybe a few dozen times. He is from Sacramento, now living in SF, where we lived before moving out here to Boulder. I remember we were engaged and B went to go see Jackie at the Blue Note and B came home and said you have to check this kid out. He played the tape that he pulled (*see note below for explanation), and I was sold. We soon went to every show we could make. Well Jackie came out to Boulder here last Friday and again he did not disappoint. He has been compared to early Bob Dylan sound with his bluesy sound. He played just three instruments in this show, but I have seen him travel to every piece in the band.

One thing I am notorious for is actually falling to sleep at concerts, movies, well anything past my bedtime, but on Friday I was having so much fun that I was still awake an hour after we got home. I was just thankful lil' R slept until after 9am on Saturday!

Here are a few of my pics that I took. Like I said, this is the first time taking the camera. I had the 5D, a.k.a. Sassy, and my 50mm 1.4 open almost all night. There was a shallow DOF (depth of field) issue with some shots where I wanted the whole band, but I was able to change the aperture and really slow the shutter and balance my shoulders on a rail so I got what I was hoping for. But enough DTT (dorky technical talk) on to pics!

There are a few hundred more on my site (still on the test server but comment if you would like the link) under client with the password "Jackie".

Oh here is one more. We talked to Jackie a bit after the show and on leaving B said oh get the marquee, yes he is so smart sometimes, as I was doing that Jackie was outside and we got a pic together.

Okay it was two...and no I have no idea why I am holding my arm that way...maybe old habit from bad posing at the jr. high dance?

*note on B taping:
B tapes shows where it is allowed from the band and venue. We have had some of our friends talk about how this is illegal, for B it is not illegal, but sanctioned by the band/artist/venue. He has never sold one of his CD's ever, but gives them away...I know expensive hobby. He loves music and feels a need to share. In fact if you want the Jackie Greene show just email me. I will have him burn a copy. Sorry I felt I needed to say that so everyone did not think we were doing something shady :)

Other side notes on life: My MIL was here for a week and we had R's 2nd birthday. I will be backdating some great posts highlighting the past two weeks. Just a bit nuts around here. But nothing I would ever change.

Love Life! Peace & Joy!

- stacyZ

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Marcia said...

Hi Stacy Z. Love your pics. Very cool technique and results. I have wanted to get a picture with Jackie and one of the many shows I have attended but always to scared to ask. I would love a copy of the JG Boulder show if the offer is still open. I have 56+ live JG bootlegs and I would be very happy to do you a trade if you're interested.
You can e-mail me at
and we can discuss details.
Thanks muchly.