Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I have great friends, great hubby...and a new friend coming to stay.

You see so far I have a secret. My pictures have not been taken with my camera. I have been blessed with a camera and lenses from our friend. Yes my friend indefinitely loaned me his whole gear bag. The whole freaking thing!! But since then I have been dying for a 5D. I had the 10D and although it was great I wanted something more. More color pop and the best that I could deliver for my clients. So today...

I have the bestest hubby ever, who will from here on out always be referred to as B. Why do you ask...yup this little baby is coming my way:

Ain't she pretty...yup that lens is coming too along with an 85 1.8...although I am jonesing for the 1.2 versions of each...I know these will be great and alas...that is not in the cards yet. But more range will be coming my way soon...and yes I do have a wish list heehehehe...soon sweet sassy soon...you will have more lenses soon.

Now to have sweet dreams...I feel like the kid before Christmas morning...it is going to be a long long week until this gets here.

Oh and lest you think B is completely selfless...the boy got a 55" Plasma as well...although the coolest part of it is I can put an SD card in it so thinking it will be perfect to showcase slideshows to clients and the such. So even though that puppy is really mine as well...you know all TV's are the mans ;)


Jasmine said...

You're photo life just got better by a 1000%...I guarantee it! :)

Stacy said...

Thanks Lady!