Friday, August 15, 2008

Welcome to the World Little R

I have to admit when I first needed (I say need because really it was) to get into photography I always loved pics of teeny tiny babies. Love to look at them sleeping and peaceful. I remember my little guy when he slept in my arms. In all that time I never thought I would be so touched by the families I meet.

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting Michelle and her little guy R. Michelle is the perfect new mother she was peaceful and nurturing to R; so attentive and careful but at the same time exudes grace and calm.

I talked to Michelle earlier in the week to discuss what she hoped for. She just came home from the hospital and she really wanted to capture lil R before he grew up. You see she told me her birth story and usually I am touched when I hear these. This time, I absolutely was in tears by the time I was off the phone. You see Michelle’s husband right now is over in Iraq. He is with the Marine Reserves and was sent over there in July. Yes just a month shy of seeing his son be born. Well the night Michelle was in Labor they were talking on the phone. She was not in delivery yet, but he had to go to sleep for an hour or so to be ready for work the next day. Before they hung up he told her he would call right before work. Well new daddy has fantastic timing he called and 15 minutes later little R was welcomed into this world. He got to hear him cry over the phone. I know the video has probably reached him by now, but I know even though he was miles away his heart was there with his son. I can’t wait for daddy to come home safely so we can do a proper family picture. Until then I wanted dad to see some of my favorites.

See Daddy he is such a happy little guy!

I always love little fingers and toes.

Look at these beautiful eyes.

This little face just cracks me up! Michelle I think he was wondering why that big kid was making so much noise ;)

But then he decided to just not worry about it and do what he does best...grow...sleep and grow.

And finally maybe my favorite from the day.

I can't wait to see you guys again.

Love * Life * Peace * Joy


p.s. Daddy we got a GREAT pic with little R with your hat, but the tag has your name on it so I will just email that pic to Michelle.


Josh F. said...


Thank you so much for affording me an opportunity to see pictures of my new son!! I love them! I can't wait to get to meet him!

Allegra said...

gorgeous! if we weren't dirt poor right now, i'd be standing on your doorstep begging for pictures of satya!

Chris Humphreys said...

What a cool story and great shoot Stacy!

Sorry we never got to chat much in Denver, but we'll be back soon.

Love these images! So cool that you were able to do that for that family! You know that dad is gonna cherish these images!

jamie burnett said...

This is truly an amazing story, and a beautiful baby boy! Congrats to the family and my prayers are with Daddy that he makes it home safely and with speed.

scejka said...

Great story Stacy! I can't imagine the father's happiness at seeing his son for the first time even if from a distance. You really did bring a little joy into someone's life and that's what it's all about.


Christina said...

Aww, those are sweet! I love the one with his toes poking through. Too cute!!

Bill Cawley (Olympia, WA) said...

Beautiful - the pictures and the impact. It's so great that the internet lets you pass these on to his dad!

Andrew said...

Awesome images and story Stacy, thanks for sharing.

Agnes T said...

Hi Stacy! Wow! Imagine my delight finding your comment on Jasmine's blog. Love your images. Email me back. I'd love to get reconnected. :)

ChocolateAddict said...

These are gorgeous, Ms. Z, I wish you lived near me! -- Claudia