Friday, July 25, 2008

The Hasselblad

So I said yesterday that I would talk about product photography. Well really this is how I started so I thought I would briefly trek down memory lane. You see about 5 years ago I had a jewelry business where I needed pics for my site and product materials. I had to read and learn about lighting and soft boxes and such. Having the settings down and changing things such as my white balance or shutter well I loved how changing one item would affect the whole look. I adored the model shoot that happened for a magazine once and after that I was hooked. I always loved art and had a creative side to express so when I was found with only a camera to do it…I learned way more…fast forward another year. Back to almost 2 years ago. R was about 16 months old when the three of us, R, B and I, went back to California to visit our parents. Well hubby went back home first and I stayed with R to be with my mom when she had surgery. Two days after he left I got the phone call:

B: Honey how much do you love me?
Me rather hesitant and remembering he had to drive through Las Vegas: “A Lot”
B still hesitant in his voice: “Like really a lot?”
Me: “Yes”
B: “Well the house is flooded. Please don’t be alarmed”
Me: “Ummm okay. Let me know. I am not coming home until we have a house again”

And that is when it started. I had not been working on my jewelry that much at this time…simply because I was bored. I had to sit in a room face the wall and well it was really hard with a toddler/baby always getting into the little beads. I was a bit of an overprotective mother with the items as well. So honestly my passion for it was fading. Well I was stuck in California with my parents for almost 2 months. During those two months I played with my camera and my parent’s way more. My mom taught me how to sew and I took pictures…lots of pictures…I liked taking the pictures.

So when I returned I had a lovely friend who knew a retired high school photography teacher and I met with him weekly for almost 2 months. Russ really encouraged me and well the rest is history…

Where does that go to product photography? Well last night I went up to Ft. Collins to help a girlfriend and her father get set up in what I affectionately named the “Cheap A$$ Lightbox” Seriously for about $40 we had this setup and it works grand. My girlfriend is a fantastic yarn dyer. Oh my goodness if you knit look her up! She only uses natural dyes and is committed to giving back, not to mention she is just fantastic. She is going to send me some pictures that her father took with it. I can’t wait to share. I will ask her to take a pic of the whole setup as well. I did not take my camera as I used her dad’s fabulous Nikons…in the downtime I lusted after his new Hasselblad and this puppy that I saw on a shelf…it is official I am eating only mac and cheese to purchase this puppy…the yellow one…we will see. I don’t know if it will happen, but I did not go get a latte today ;)


I will post the pics and different tutorials I have found to make this so easy soon.

Off to go hug R and play outside in the sun! You guys have a great weekend.

Toodaloo Kangaroos.



I really like the yellow one. Here's a little trivia bit. I was getting bored with my black hasselblads plus they were getting hot in the sun, so I asked the President if they could make me a white one (he said he would). But he said Hasselblads would never be in anything but black, or light grey if it was headed to the moon. Never say never!

stacyZ said...

Hi Gary! How are you and Melissa?

Yup never say never! It is the yellow one that I will be getting. I am lucky enough to know a friend who has it for me now that I confirmed I could do film and/or digital back I am going to go for it. Love the yellow!

So did you go for the grey?

Christine said...

I came over here after checking out your site (thanks to SWPB over on Flickr) and now I'm curious - who is the yarn person? I can't look her up because you didn't mention a name - and I knit, so I really want to know!