Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sunday I had a fantastic shoot with three of the cutest boys. In full disclosure one of them is my little guy, R, and the other two are brothers who are sweet as can be. All three of these boys are the best of friends, and really love each other so much. I look at these pictures and I tear up at just how sweet they are. Now don’t get me wrong…at one point we had to take ownership of the sticks and I realized I probably should not have taught my two year old fencing when I brought home the knight set from London a few weeks ago! Yeah not smart. Live and Learn. Mommy gets in trouble from Daddy all the time for teaching a bit of funny things to R.

So here are a few from the session. I had this idea in my head for months and months of boys playing dress up in dad’s clothes and fishing in a creek. I am blessed to live here in Boulder where there are numerous creeks just a short jot from the house. This is less than a mile away and not the same one we did during the workshop.

Here are a few faves:
Antique FishingSweet Boy
Brotherly LoveLove of Friendship
sweet boy

Here are a few things in bullet form I need to blog and share. Put here for my reference and to keep me accountable:

  • New Website – currently in dev
  • New Blog – it will now be attached to the website and also at another URL pointing back. Very excited.
  • One Light Workshop – it rocked.
  • Moe. At the Fox in Boulder – awesome show amazing pics…
  • Monkeys On Ecstasy in Ft. Collins Aggie Theatre. Secret surprise show moe. did on Tuesday night. Got some fab pics as well.
  • Product Photography – going to take a bunch today. This was how I started…I really should share J
  • Cousin’s wedding in Bozeman Montana – Great trip must share!
  • Museum of the Rockies – R loved the dinosaurs.

So as you see I have a ton. So much has been going on and I have a ton to share. I will just be breaking down the list line by line here soon. I will be moving to the new blog after I customize the template with my new logo and branding. Such big things. Such fun!

Peace & Joy Love Life Everyone!


Leah Mullett said...

Great Images! Love the last one and I love your to do list! I will definitely come back to check and see if you did it :) I know you're really busy but do you think you could share with me how to get larger images on my blog?! I would GREATLY appreciate it!

Andrew said...

Stacy these images are awesome, I can't believe how blue his eyes are in the last picture. Thanks again for having us all up to your place for the One Light, it really was awesome. Talk to you soon.