Tuesday, November 6, 2007

New "Employee"

Well after much debate (read 30 minute "interview") we have a new office manager here at StacyZ (he has said I need to capitalize my first name...I am still in debate) yes it was a long interview process. I made him date me for a year, be engaged to me for another, and married for 4 before I said okay...but the time has come to let him in the fold. So without further ado, here is Mr. Z, aka B, our office manager. B will always be referred to as B as r is r (why is r lower case - because we literally call him "little r")

It was apprapo that we made this decision over the weekend. Because on Monday an amazing photographer from Seattle, Me Ra Koh ***LINK****, posted this blog post: it has some great info on being married to your business partner. B and I have had many businesses in the past but this is the first time we have decided to partner up.

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