Friday, October 26, 2007

Channeling David Jay

David Jay is an AMAZING photographer (CLICK HERE TO SEE HIS STUFF) and he has saved three animals in the past few months. Well I hope to one day have such Love Cat status (read Love is the Killer Ap to understand - here Andrew reviewed the book) and give back, but I did get to do something that made me feel good last week.

You see my parents took my son and I to Mazatlan. They have 2 weeks/year of a timeshare there so we have gone twice now and it is fabulous! Back to the story, one day while my little man was napping my mom and I went for a walk on the beach. We started out from the hotel and went left. I am so happy we did. About 10 yards into our walk we saw a puffer fish. Not puffed up but with the spikes laid flat. A younger man said, "Oh look another one." Grabbed its tail and threw it in the waves. I saw it flutter away fighting the tide and surf. But he made it into open sea. Then, ten more steps there was another one all puffed up spikes abound, but still breathing. I went to get the lifeguard and had him put him back into the surf.

Puffy came back again. My mom kept worrying about me and if the fish was poisonous. Telling me it was just going to die. I could not believe it, nor let it happen without doing anything. The lifeguard must have felt he did his duty because he just sat on his stool after having to get his shorts slightly wet in the surf. I ran and got a cup opened it up and tried to pick him up. It was tricky but I was able to open up the cup and put it around the spikes, which were as sharp as I have ever seen. And put him in the surf again. Again he was back. I went back to the hotel and grabbed the famous beer bucket.

This was just big enough to hold the fish in its expanded size. Handed my mom everything…I told her to take pictures in all of this, but alas the camera confused her. I have nothing but memories of my heroics. I got the fish in the bucket, filled it with water from the tides, and proceeded to swim past the waves bucket in air. I got passed the breaks and to mild swells and tossed old puffy. It was a sad goodbye he shed some tears. I watched and told the group of three what was in the bucket. They had never seen a puffer fish. About five minutes old puffy deflated his air and swam away. He was safe and I swam back to shore.

So if I truly channeled DJ's heroics I would of had the video camera ready to go...but I was still proud and I felt good. My son would be proud of his old mom for he loves puffer fishes the most. After last week, so do I.

I will have more Maz pics soon! Also have a photoshoot with a super fun family in the morning. YAY!!!!


Andrew said...

Stacy that is a great story, sounds like you had an awesome time in Mazatlan. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your pictures from the trip.

Anonymous said...

Great pics of Jackie, but please spell his name right, last name is Greene!

|| davidjay || said...

Thanks Stacy :)