Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Chills - The Universe is Powerful and Small

So about 5 minutes ago I read my friend Andrew's post about slowing down. I posted to him that my favorite times are smelling the flowers. I truely do love it when I just slow down. I use to take walks to the orchid store or spend hours on the beach contemplating life when I lived in LA. I miss my time to breath.

Life since R has been anything but slow. I feel like I have blinked and years have passed. The universe opened up though in the past 10 minutes and has shown me how small I am. Chills overflowed my skin and a warmness grew in my heart when on my favorite Pandora station, Natalie Merchant, the song Slow Down from Rachel Sage came on. Now I have never heard of Rachael Sage (one of my favorite things about Pandora - new music) but the universe decided I needed to read Andrew's post and listen to these words at almost the exact same moment. I thought I would post the lyrics here:

Slow Down
by Rachael Sage

album: Public Record (2003)
I really love you but I really need this chance
To make my own back from Brigadoon
And I really miss you but I miss myself too
And I miss the way it feels to lick right off the spoon
I’m gonna slow down… I’m gonna sip tea
I’m gonna put my feet up and ask time to marry me
Honey are you awake I
Thought I heard another earth-quaking
Guess it’s just the subway sorry
I forget I’m not in L.A. anymore
Maybe you don’t know this about me but I’m scared
Of almost everything that moves including you
When it’s windy or it’s just starting to rain
I’m gonna slow down… I’m gonna sip tea
I’m gonna put my feet up and ask time to marry me
I’m gonna slow down… I’m gonna drink up
I’m gonna put my feet up and have another cup
Around us everywhere
The signs of nakedness preparing
To put on too many clothes and
Hide the secret that never shows
I see through everything
But only when I’ve had my sleep and I’m so tired
From the wrong kind of rest and restlessness

We know the drop falls into the ocean but the ocean also flows into the drop... (loosely paraphrased wish I remember from whom)

Now we have Tori rocking Taxi Ride out...I love Pandora!!


Andrew said...

Stacy this is such an awesome story and I love the lyrics to this song. Thanks again for hosting our group last week, I really appreciate it.

stacyZ said...

andrew you rock!

and about hosting - of course! I LOVED having everyone over.